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We are thrilled that you've chosen to partner with Paradigm Collective for your Digital Marketing and Public Relations needs as a key part of your business strategy! Engaging with our agency represents a significant step forward once you've laid the groundwork for your business. Below, you'll find an overview of what you can expect from this collaboration (and a bit of what we anticipate from you), designed to give you a clearer picture of what this exciting journey will encompass.


Effective communication is paramount in every thriving partnership! To ensure optimal service, Paradigm Collective adheres to the following guidelines:


We require a designated liaison from your team for monthly discussions. This can be you or a designated colleague responsible for facilitating information flow between the Paradigm Collective team and your organization.


Timely interactions are essential. While we are not on call full-time, our current office hours are noted in our email signatures. We strive to respond to client inquiries within 24-48 business hours, barring any out-of-office notifications. Your timely feedback is crucial as many project decisions depend on it. Delays in your responses may cause project setbacks.


For organizational efficiency, Paradigm Collective strictly communicates via email, pre-scheduled calls, or meetings. We do not engage in business communications through text messages (exceptions can be made but will not warrant immediate responses), social media DMs, etc. Note that our calendars are often booked 4-6 weeks in advance. Furthermore, we require all clients to utilize a shared Google Drive we establish for your project. We do not use external platforms like Dropbox or Slack.


Due to our compact team size and numerous clients, our schedules are typically planned weeks ahead. This makes our monthly planning calls or meetings critical, which should not exceed 30 minutes to an hour.


PROJECT INITIATION: For project commencement, Paradigm Collective requires a signed contract, a 25% initial payment (unless specified otherwise), and a credit card on file (secured with password protection). Expedited projects must be fully prepaid with a signed contract. Invoices are payable via credit card or check within a 30-day period. A late fee applies to invoices unpaid past 30 days. At 60 days overdue, you authorize us to charge the stored credit card for the invoice and late fee.

CANCELATION POLICY: All contracts necessitate a 30-day cancellation notice in writing prior to the first of the month. For instance, notice should be submitted for a December cancellation by October 31st. Failure to provide a 30-day notice incurs an early termination fee.



Timelines may shift based on approvals, client-Paradigm Collective communication, and external vendor schedules.


All ideas and concepts are the property of Paradigm Collective.


Recording is prohibited in any workshops or presentations without written consent from an authorized Paradigm Collective staff member.


  • Initial invoice due upon contract signing. No work commences before payment.

  • The first month is a 10-hour minimum to onboard new clients.

  • A 25% deposit is required at contract signing. The remaining 75% is billed two weeks later and is due by month-end. Future invoices are due at each month's end.

  • A minimum 6-month commitment is required for retainer contracts. After 6 months, the contract automatically shifts to a month-to-month basis unless a 30-day notice is provided.

  • Unused hours within the month do not roll over unless delays are attributed to Paradigm Collective staff.

  • Additional services beyond the contract scope are billed at $175 per hour or $150 per hour for existing monthly retainer clients.

  • Emergency crisis communication services are billed at $250 per hour.


Include one introductory call and three follow-up communications. Further correspondence without a signed contract is billed at $175 per hour.

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