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Can Only Be Described As A Majestically Monumental View

It gives me great pleasure to introduce The View Hotel at Monument Valley as Paradigm Collective's first Small Business Spotlight.

Check out this view from my room at The View Hotel.

Monument Valley Tribal Park

I recently had the spontaneous opportunity to travel and stay at The View Hotel at Monument Valley. The hotel is located on the Navajo Nation Monument Valley Tribal Park. Thankfully I have the convenient perk of being my own boss and can currently work remotely from anywhere in the world. I'd previously been through the tribal park a couple times before, but I had never experienced 3 days in a row at this wonder of the world.

My previous visits were done in one day in what most likely was under 2 hours. Needless to say, they were in and outs. Three nights and 4 days of being on location were incredibly peaceful, surreal, spiritual, and extremely grounding. I experienced multiple sunrises, sunsets, and even saw a spectacular and unforgettable full moon! The photos I took with my iPhone 11 Pro being an incredible camera couldn't give justice to what the moon looked like in person. I could only describe it to you as an incredibly bright glowing neon orange amongst a beautiful deep blue and purple night sky.

A scene that looks straight out of Star Wars was precisely how it felt. It was an experience that felt straight out of SCI-FI film. The views you get from the hotel and in the park are entirely priceless. But as a heads up, it is a $20 park fee, but it's obviously beyond worth it and worth every penny.

The Navajo people are incredibly nice and friendly. They are very reserved but extremely polite and genuine. I felt very welcomed at the hotel for the few days that I was there. I always was greeted with smiling faces and eyes. This was a working visit, so even though I was getting the office views of a lifetime, there is one recommendation I'd give to The View Hotel. Open up a spa or even duel spa/spiritual retreat. Since you can get a visit to Monument Valley done and experienced in an hour and a half (but not to the fullest value of a day or more). A spa or spiritual retreat with being an incentive for tourists and visitors to stay longer at the Tribal park bringing more profits to the Navajo people. I would have loved to have been receiving spa treatments in such an already spiritually cleansing location.

But overall, my stay at The View Hotel was excellent, and I highly recommend a stay of at least two nights. This is definitely a bucket list wonder of the world to visit. It has proudly earned a shining Small Business Spotlight review! Feel free to ask me about anything else regarding my trip, including high season, trail advice, and more.

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