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Meet The Team

Sara Headshot.jpg

Sara Maya

Creative Thought Liberator. Friend. Truth Speaker. Humanitarian. Animal Lover. Woman Empower. Success Driver.


Maria Doubront

Enthusiastic. Fashion Advocate. Friend. Dedicated.

Good Hearted. Ambitious. 

justin headshot.png

Justin Garcia

Versatile. Creative. Imaginative. Multifaceted. Innovative

Founder/Marketing Director

Marketing Specialist 

Content Producer

At Paradigm Collective, We take care of your digital medias creative and strategic needs so you can focus on running your business at its full potential. We are driven by technology as much as design and content to ensure we fulfill our key mission of helping our clients achieve their successful future.


We have been helping businesses develop and define their brands since 2018. The times may change, but our creativity never stops evolving. Let's connect so that we can start elevating your business to where it deserves to be. Together, we can shift paradigms.

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